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the begininnings of an essay on drug use [Jan. 17th, 2007|10:33 am]
Niagara Writers


[music |Tugnut - Ode to Pete]

I have come to the realization in the last few months on the subject of marijuana. Now Marijuana is a plant that many claim should be out-lawed. Out-lawes? Hold on just a moment, how can one remove a plant from existence, but really if you look at it we are doing this already with many other plants, and to say this one has more attention on removing it, that really isn't true, with the massive amount of pollution and its only growing numbers you will find more and more plants becoming extinct or close to extinction. So it isnt really a question of whether or not it's right to disallow a plants existence, but more so what is the reasoning behind the removal of Marijuana, specifically.

People smoke Marijuana, to get "high" lets be honest with that one, in 99% of the case it is strictly a recreational activity. When most people are "high" they become much less productive, not to say that all users are, but in most cases. Now these less productive people have become more dependent on things like television, video games, the computer, and even food. Now over all this dependence can be viewed as a bad effect for the individual, at no doubt in my mind or anyone else who can see this corelation. But once again many people who do get "high" use it to become more productive in their fields of art, whether it be musical, visual, written, dramatic, it can be a really powerful tool.

**Before i go much further I must ensure you this essay is completely experimental, and I'm not necessarily trying to prove the good or the bad to the use of marijuana, but I guess we'll see in the upcoming entries.**